Lian Heng Huat Group of Companies includes:

Lian Heng Huat Air-Con Services Pte Ltd
Lian Heng Huat M&E Pte Ltd
Lian Heng Huat Engineering


Lian Heng Huat has been careful in building up a team of personnel with balance of expertise, experience and dedication, which extends through every aspect of the company’s business.

As a result of our policy of providing employees with a working environment that gives them job security and satisfaction which promotes productivity and encourages innovation, Lian Heng Huat has a stable and well-motivated workforce. It has an excellent support in engineering, estimating, accounting and trades roles. The Directors who have over 20 years of hands-on experience provide depth of management, technical and construction experience in the industry. Qualified in-house professional engineering experts ensure that all disciplines are properly engineered and coordinated. The considerable expertise of our group has been built progressively through the uninterrupted long-term service of its employees.

Our in-house expertise is supplemented by long-term relationship with our clients with the best expertise in electrical, electronic/control, refrigeration, acoustic and structural disciplines. This flexibility allows Lian Heng Huat provide each client with the best knowledge and skills for each project.

Lian Heng Huat’s commitment to its clients through the expertise of its staff, is continuously advanced by appropriate training. Office personnel are able to take advantage of rapidly changing technology through participation in training courses. Other staff are encouraged and assisted to update their skills and motivated to maintain our leading position in the industry.


Quality has been a priority of Lian Heng Huat since its establishment and it is an integral part of the culture of the group. We focus on producing the highest quality products from design and procurement to installation and commissioning. All our employees are urged to exceed normally accepted standards and to seek constant improvement, with international “best practice” standard in mind.

The layout of the office and support facility and the integrated system of constant component control ensure minimal wastage of materials, minimizations of defects and detection of them before delivery and as a result, complete satisfaction with each project. The focus of all staff on continuous improvement in products and services provide clients with a high degree of confidence in our service.

Lian Heng Huat's commitment to quality is never compromised. Our continuous review of the company’s quality system ensures our commitment to be fulfilled.


Lian Heng Huat strives to provide a working environment that gives both its staff and clients safety and satisfaction.

The company has a philosophy that facilitates its staff to achieve safe working. Employees and subcontractors are encouraged to be safety conscious at all time. They are always correctly attired and are supplied with tools and equipment, which are suitable for each job being performed.

The clean shop layout of the factory and posting of safety reminders around the work place facilitate constant attention to safety. Requirements of the Department of Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare are constantly exceeded.

The measures taken have been particularly effective, with the company experiencing a very low incidence of accidents.


Lian Heng Huat acknowledges the importance of sound industrial relations in achieving the aims of the company, and in ensuring that clients are not exposed to industrial relations risks within their own workforce.

Lian Heng Huat has always conducted its industrial relations in an exemplary manner. The efforts to provide a work environment that gives job security and satisfaction are rewarded by the responsibility and loyalty of staff. Considerable care is taken to ensure that each employee feel “looked after”. Staff relations are always conducted openly, with emphasis on conciliation rather than confirmation.

As a result, the company has never engaged in or endured industrial problems, or experienced any industrial disruptions to site works.


As part of our expansion and development plan, we continue to upgrade our service and enhance our quality of works to meet the ever increasing needs of our customers as well as to cross new frontiers to make LIAN HENG HUAT a quality service company in the global market.

In this way our valued customers will always be assured of our ability to meet their requirements reliably and cost effectively.
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